Monday, January 13, 2014

Just loved this Ted Talk on the 8 secrets of success.  I heartily agree, especially the part about the mothers.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

TripScope Founder, Katelyn O'Shaughnessy wins First Place

Wonderful to see my client, TripScope, win last nights Pitch Competition put on by CrowdfunderX Los Angeles during Social Media Week in Los Angeles.

KatelynO'Shaughnessy, CEO and Founder of TripScope created an app to push travel itineraries directly to clients Iphones.  The site does much more than just info as it geotracks the clients and feeds local entertainment suggestions aligned with their travel plans.  In addition, changes to travel itineraries can be pushed within 20 min via SMS.  

TripScope won an opportunity to speak with LaunchPad LA, local incubator, and receive 100K in seed money. 

Congratulations Katelyn!! 

Find TripScope at:  @TripScope, www.